Monday, July 18, 2011

My kids

Did I tell you I have 6 kids?  One is about my age, and I'm married to him.  The 2nd one I actually gave birth to, love him dearly.  The last 4 have 4 legs. 

We had one chocolate lab before our son moved.  He chewed us to a bloody pulp (quite literally) as a puppy, so we got him a buddy.  She was another chocolate lab about a month older than he is.  She's much more laid back than he (he's highly "playful";-).  She does set him straight from time to time and they're about 8 years old now.  Some things never change.  Then we got a German Shorthair.  Same color as the chocolate labs only speckled.  Toooooo Cute and completely and totally wild and needing love.  He's all over you all the time, not to be obnoxious, he just can't get enough love.  He's slowly learning manners, very slowly. Really pretty face though.  Then, we have the baby of the bunch....a pure black German Shorthair.  Spoiled absolutely, and knows it completely.  She is absolutely the sweetest thing, and knows she's "Princess". 

The boy is married (4 years, I think), which is unbelievable to me.  We love her dearly (but that's another story).  He's a computer guru and she's going to school for accounting.  I see good things in their future.  They just bought a house, but no grandchild yet.  I've let them know I'm ready anytime now;-).  I'm sure sometime soon.

Okay, more of this at another time. 
Good night all.

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