Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Not much today, quiet, and not as hot as yesterday.  Gotta update the driver's license tomorrow morning.  Coming due soon and I've been putting it off for weeks now.  You know how we all love the DL pics.  Looking forward to that.  Tomorrow is girl's night out (well for me and a girlfriend).  Been going out for almost 8 years.  We work together but it's the only time we talk almost, due to work on separate floors in the same office.

Getting ready to add a recipe page to this blog.  I love to cook.  Don't get to as much as I would like because of a full time job and commute time, but I do what I can.  Because of that I've learned some pretty quick recipes.  Most of them are winter recipes because we grill almost all summer.  Too hot to do much cooking except breakfast and that really doesn't take a recipe.  I hope you enjoy them.  Some are just ones I've found and look really good.  Others are some that I've found and used parts of and others still are some I've just used straight out.

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