Monday, September 16, 2013

A story barely remembered - Harley Dabbs

I can't say for sure that I actually remember this story.  Sounds a bit familiar but not sure if it's actually this story or a different one.  After reading her story today I find her to be one of the bravest women I've ever read about.  Being a teenager and going through this had to be the hardest thing in the world.  I remember how hard it was just to be a teenager and I had nothing to compare to this.  I hope younger girls pay attention to this and learn that beauty comes from inside and not necessarily skin tone and body style.  It's all about attitude.  Although frankly even with the burn scars she's a very pretty girl.  Good luck to her in the future.  As for other younger girls, know that what shows on your body and your face is not always what everyone judges us on or what they actually see.  What's inside will color our vision of you as well.  Read about Harley Dabbs here.

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