Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Have you ever heard of BookBub?  BookBub keeps track of the different sales from about 7 retailers for ebooks.  You choose which retailers you want to check and/or buy from, then choose specific categories that interest you and they will send you ebook specials from the retailers you chose.  Some of those retailers they work with are Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, just to name a few.  In some cases books will be at a 50% discount, some are only $.99 and in some cases the books are FREE.  Everyday you get an email from them that lists all of the books on "special" from the categories and the retailers you have chosen in your preferences.

A friend told me about BookBub a while back and I signed up.  Since, I've gotten nearly 100 books for free from my daily deals emails.  At any time you can make changes or add to your preferences or just shop from the website itself. 

I've also discovered books and authors I would have never known about before.  Which is cool, because I don't always go out looking for new authors.  When you click to buy a book, it will take you to your preferred retailer or will give you a choice of your retailers if more than one of your choices has the special going on.  So BookBub really doesn't sell the books, it just compiles a list of all the sales.  Which is really cool because there's no way I could keep track of all those free books.  I hope you get a chance to try it.  The deals you get are great and well worth the look.  Let me know what you think.

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