Sunday, September 8, 2013

Canning Tomatoes

Doing some canning today, finished with 16 pints and 4 quarts of tomatoes and a nice puree from the juice and pieces (some onion & basil) for a few meals in the next few days.  Add a bit of plain yogurt and some garlic butter toasted pieces and that just sounds good.  But I must say my feet are TIRED and hurt.  Nice having them up for a bit.  I thawed some squash today cause I was supposed to make some bread for breakfast in the morning, but that's not going to happen.  Maybe I should stay home:) or not:(.

Spent Saturday like most, with my grand-daughter and mom.  It used to wear me out, but these days, that's my total relaxation day and I love hanging out with mom.  We watch cooking and travel shows, play with the baby and cook different things or go eat out in different places.  Just depends on what works for that weekend.  Mom's 88, I love spending time with her while I can.  I take care of her books and order her stuff from Publisher's Clearing House (she loves that place).  We had orange sherbet for dessert yesterday.  My grand-daughter LOVES it:)  So much fun giving it to her.

Well, the weekend is over.  That sucks.  Oh well, hate to wish my life away wishing for the next Friday.  But tend to do it anyway.  Later ~

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