Sunday, September 29, 2013


My daughter-in-law became a citizen of the US Friday morning.  I had never been to a Naturalization Ceremony before.  I found it quite interesting.  There were 18? immigrants.  It was a pretty proud moment for this mum.  I am so totally AGAINST illegal immigrants, I find my blood pressure rising when it becomes a subject of conversation.  My blood pressure raises even further when someone tells me that I'm prejudice and just don't want people from other countries here.  I will cheer on anyone who follows the process, just like my daughter-in-law did.  She did all the paperwork, paid all the fees and put in her time.  She learned the language, works hard and pays taxes and I will cheer immigrants like her on 100 times a day.  But I will put up the tallest fence to keep illegal immigrants out.  Watching those people and their families, all excited and giving their oath to these United States made me very proud that they would want to become a part of us.  Congratulations to all of those who have taken that step.  There are so many immigrants that are waiting their turn in line to come here.  Illegal immigration is not fair to those who try to do things correctly.

To those legal immigrants, I appreciate you, the contribution you make and appreciate that you followed the rules/laws in becoming a part of this Country.  To all LEGAL immigrants, citizen or not, Welcome to this republic and I hope you make something big for yourselves and your families.

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