Friday, September 6, 2013

Internet Service

I've been all evening trying to get my computer to do just a few different things, over an hour just to get logged on.  Anybody else out there have satellite internet service?  Does it suck for you as much as it does for me?  I know my computer is about 6 years old, but I very rarely use it for work and there's not a lot of "stuff" on it, so I really think most of the problem is the service.  I pay about $80 per month for this and because it's satellite I have a limit on my download, thus no movies or 1 a month.  Meaning....NO NETFLIX OR ANYTHING SIMILAR.  That would be so much cheaper than cable (or dish) - UGH.  My major bitch today.  Can't complain much if that's the worst of the day.  :)  Later~
Ah, what a way to relax after major frustration...

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