Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Girls

Since 2011 we've had 2 additions to our family (before the grand-daughter:).  My husband was driving home from work one day and there were 2 little dogs in the middle of a very busy street in the city where we work.  He honked for them to get out of the way and, of course, they came to him.  You must know that we already had 4 dogs, 3 of which were also rescues, only 1 we actually bought.  I come home from work and these 2 little dogs come running out of the house, as friendly as they can be.

Now when I was 5 my mom bought me a little Chihuahua.  I had that little girl for 16 years, when I finally had to make the horrible decision to have her put down.  She was blind and had tumors and it was just time for her to move on.  I cried for days.  I had always wanted another little dog that you can cuddle, but we always had big dogs because that's what my husband wanted - his hunting dogs.  I never minded much, but thought it would be nice if some day I could have my little dog to cuddle with again.

So now we come to these little girls.  I was too worried to wish too much, and we already had 4 dogs.  6 dogs seemed a bit overwhelming to me.  Although as I thought of it later, these 2 little girls actually were only 1 if you put them together in size, compared to what we had.  We checked all the local ads for someone who may have lost a dog, we took them to the vet to see if they were chipped, my husband drove around where he found them to see if there were any posters and we checked with local shelters to see if anyone had been looking.  Nothing.  So, I took them to the vet, got them shaved and shots and we named them finally.

One looks to be a Shih Tzu and the other a Lhasa Apso.  They are SO cute.  My husband named one and I named one.  He named the Shih Tzu Kimber, after the pistol.  Which actually suites her very well.  I named the Lhasa Apso Cally, after a Celtic Goddess.  Which I think suites here as well.  They are my girls in every sense of the word.  We've had them for just shy of 2 years now and I wouldn't trade them for anything.  I make their dog food and their doggie treats, so I know they are as organic as I can afford and there are no by-products in them.  I tried making dog food for the other dogs, but couldn't keep up with the meat that was needed and the cooking time, they are just too big and eat too much.  They do get some fairly expensive, very good dog food now too though.  And I do make their doggie treats as well.

Both girls sleep with me and hang out in my lap in the evenings.  They go with us on any trips we take.  I can't imagine leaving them with a sitter.  Although my niece has volunteered numerous times and would be great at it.  I just don't think I could leave them for that much time:)  These are my girls after one of their haircuts.  Cally really hates her haircuts, but I think she's so cute. 
                                                                    This is Cally.

                                                                      This is Kimber.

Aren't they the cutest little girls you've just ever seen:)    How could you not love those faces.

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