Thursday, September 12, 2013

New to YouTube

I recently discovered there's a whole world of music on YouTube that you won't hear other places, like radio or TV.  I didn't realize there was so much music out there.  I've found violins, cellos, and other music types that are incredible.  Stuff that I like, but I really couldn't find anywhere, that I knew of before, anyway.  Did everybody know about this before me?   Recently I've started checking more things out and
discovering  so much more on the net.   A few of the best artists I've come across are Lindsey Stirling, Peter Hollens and the Piano Guys.  I'm sure there are more, I'm just slowly finding them, but these are the ones I've come across so far and frankly, they are FABULOUS.  "Come across" is really a better phrase for what I'm doing.  I started with the Piano Guys, which I found out about while at my mom's house on Saturday while watching TV.  I looked them up on YouTube and they led me to Lindsey Stirling, who then led me to Peter Hollens.  I'm sure there will be more.  

I also found "how to" videos for shaving the hair for my little girls.  I'm not very good at it yet, but I've only done it once.  I'll get better as I do it more often.  I'll wait until I get better before I put those pictures up:)  I think Cally actually get embarrassed when she gets her hair cut.  She at least acts like she's mad at me each time.

Let me know what you lwatch/listen to on YouTube, I'm curious.  My son is a major gamer and watches Mine Craft constantly.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day.

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