Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Celery and arthritis

For years my mom has taken Alfalfa for her arthritis.  So when I started having arthritic pain I started taking Alfalfa too.  Got to a point, though, that I was taking a lot of pills.  They are all vitamins or herbs, but still there were a lot of them.  Finally sometime this summer I stopped taking the alfalfa and the arthritic pain in my fingers didn't come back.  I was pretty excited about that although, wasn't real sure what was up.

I eat salads every day for lunch.  I make them every morning so they are fresh and I always put celery in them, cause I love the fresh flavor and the smell.  In the last month I didn't buy any celery for in my salad.  Not sure why, I guess I figured there was enough other stuff in there.  I also noticed my fingers began to hurt again.  I never put the two together.  Then in the last week or so, I read an article (and from where I really can't remember) that talked about celery being good for arthritis.  So (big light bulb) I got more celery and started adding it to my salads again.  Lo and behold, I notice today the pain in my fingers has stopped again.  Now, I can't say scientifically that the celery had anything to do with my joint pain, but what I can tell you is my fingers don't hurt anymore and for someone who types for a living, that's awesome.

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