Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Moon

This morning when I woke up it was still dark outside, but the moon was shining through the broken clouds allowing enough silvery light to see the trees at the back of the yard.  I laid in bed for a while watching the sky, the stars shining and then disappearing as the clouds went by and the light from the moon danced off the trees and the grass.  Finally, the girls and I decide it's time to get up, me for work and them because they want to go outside and search for toads and such, and with any luck, go potty too.

It's about 5:45 at this point and I drag on my socks and pants and head for my shoes, the girls running in circles around me, excited to go out and run around a bit.  After grabbing my coat and a small flash light we head outside.  They immediately run to the "toad place".  They have a designated area where they always
find toads and immediately go there first every morning, just in case one shows up.  Once they find there is no toad they continue to run down the driveway, past my car and the garage and into the front yard.  The moon is so bright I don't need the flashlight, the light getting brighter and then dimmer as the clouds pass by the beautiful moon hanging almost directly overhead.  She's not quite full, just past full and moving into the waning stage.  I must keep track of my girls but I find I just want to watch the moon, the light from it on my face, basking in it's light makes me smile and my body relax.

As I'm standing in the yard, I hear a noise behind me and so do the girls, as they begin to bark.  I shine my light beyond the fence, looking for the tale-tell sign of shiny eyes glowing in it's light.  I find nothing.  The girls are locked on the corner of the yard at this point determined to find what might be there too, but they've stopped barking, so apparently, they have come to the conclusion it's gone, as have I.  It's only cool, not cold, so it's fairly comfortable standing out there watching them run around.  They seem to be enjoying themselves in the moonlight as well.

These mornings are beautiful and I enjoy them a lot, only wishing they could last longer than the 10 minutes of this morning.  Finally, as my husband comes outside and lets the big dogs outside, I realize it must be after 6 and I'm now running behind.  The magick of the morning moonlight has to end and the reality of getting ready for a work day has to begin.

Tomorrow, I'll do it again, facing the moon and her beauty, making for a wonderfully, relaxing morning before reality has to sit in, again.

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