Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Reading Labels

Do you read labels?  I do.  Now, it's become an unconscious thing.  Once I started reading the labels and discovered what was in the foods I was eating and feeding my dogs, it was a progression to continue to read them to determine if everything had all that "stuff" in it.  Mostly, it did.

Then I was told I was going to have a grandbaby (actually a grand-daughter) and I decided it was time to become mostly healthy:)  I had to be able to be around so I could play for a long time.

So I stopped buying the pre-packaged foods and the foods with "stuff" in it that I not only can't pronounce, but that I don't have a clue as to what it is.  I turned organic.  I have family members that thinks that's a nasty word.  It raises connotations of green veggies, and strange looking things on your plate.  They know the basics, tomatoes, lettuce (but only ice berg), green beans, peas, corn and potatoes.  If there's anything else, it's foreign to them.  I have to laugh though, I do remember being there. 

Eating organic has made it so I can eat more (and I really love to eat) and still maintain or lose weight.  It has actually given me extra money too.  The raw stuff really is cheaper than the boxed stuff, but you have to cook, but really only in the winter.  I cook very little int he summer, except to grill meat outside.  But that's fun to do.  I actually feel better too, not something I can put my finger on and say I don't have this ache or that pain, just that I feel good and not frumpy (I hope that explains things well.)

Reading labels give you a starteling realization that most of what you are eating isn't even really food.  Kinda scary when you think about it.

So, from beginning to read labels, I've gone "organic", working on putting a homestead together for my own eggs, chickens, meat and milk and gardening, and with any luck, teach my grand-daughter all that wonderful stuff in the process.

My dad would be so proud!!!

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