Friday, May 1, 2015

Store Brand Organic Food

When I first started moving towards organic food, I always bought from the local “Organic” or “Natural” stores in my areas.  As time went on, I was happy to notice natural and organic store brands on the shelf in my local Dillons, Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic brands.  They were less expensive and most of the time just as good.

I like to save a few bucks where I can but still get the best I can afford.  I’m not always able to eat organic, but I try when and where I can.  What’s nice about the Simple Truth brand is they also
have the natural option, which isn’t “organic” by definition but which still omits 101 artificial preservatives and ingredients, listed here.  It’s different than the organic definition found on their website here, but better than most the well known stuff off the shelf, in my opinion.

On 10/22/14 Business Insider published a story online stating JP Morgan had put out a report showing that within two years Kroger was expected to surpass Whole Foods as a seller of organic and natural foods.

I still occasionally shop at my local organic and natural stores mostly because one of them carries a number local products from local producers within the state and I like to buy local when I can; and I can’t always find everything I want in my local Dillons.  When I can, I get my produce from the local growers near my home or out of my own garden.

Where do you get your organic food? 

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