Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tomorrow will last FOREVER!!

My vacation starts Monday, so tomorrow will likely last FOREVER!!!

I get to pick up my grand-daughter, Z, tomorrow, so that will be fun.  We'll have a great time and laugh and it will be a great start for my vacation.  Her smiling face always makes it all good.  She's growing up so very fast and I haven't seen her in 2 weeks.  Each time I see her, she's just that much more grown up.  I don't remember it going so fast when my son was little.

My brakes have gone out too.  So my husband and brother are so kind as to change those for me tomorrow.  That will cost me a bit, but at least there's no labor (besides lunch and ice cream).  Can't complain, haven't had too much problem with that car and next month is my last payment.  YAY!!!

There's so many things I want to get done next week.  My list includes deep cleaning, you know, like windows, and Z's toy box, my closet:-).  I also want to get a mess of cooking done, to be frozen for supper and breakfast later.  And strangely I'd like to get some vacation type stuff done too (reading, web surfing and maybe a movie), how dare I, right?.  I'll see, I may pick and choose to get a little bit of everything in.

We aren't getting a lot of stuff bought for our little homestead, BUT....we are getting some of the necessary property work done which needs to be done first anyway, AND our biggest upcoming accomplishment is getting things paid off.  We are very close to being debt-free which, in my humble opinion, would be the important accomplishment in the long run.

I supposed I should get though the next week before I get into paying off everything over the next year or two.  Baby steps:-)  I guess I'll see what all I can get done over the next week then move on to bigger & better things.  There's not enough days to get everything on my list done since I continue to add to it constantly, but I can try.  Who knows...

Did you take your vacation yet?  What did you do, where did you go?

Til later!!

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