Monday, November 14, 2016

So many cool ideas

Cruising through the web I run across some of the coolest ideas.  Pinterest lets me gather those ideas to go back and look at or use at my leisure, but don't ya just wish you could put all those ideas to use in several different houses (cause there are so many different styles).  Apparently, I'm fairly eclectic cause I like a lot of completely different styles, that would not always work all in the same place.

You know when you try to put together a dream home in your head (just playing, mind you) you look
at all these types of sites and pick out rooms here and there to put this house together, one room at a time.  I can never get that far, because I'll see several different kitchens or bathrooms, whose styles are nothing alike and I can't chose a favorite!!

I'm afraid if I ever got to build my "Dream home", my architect and designer would hate me before it was all over.  I'd be changing my mind every time I saw a new picture I liked.  I suppose I would eventually pin it down, but man, I just can't imagine having to stay with one style:)

Now if I could have several different houses in different several styles on several different plots of ground, I'd be in business.

...what a fun idea....

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