Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I really hate going to the store to go shopping.  Anybody else with me here?  Just something about all those people, loud kids and adults, lack of manners, traffic and waiting in line.  I'm just not real good with any of it.  I've discovered shopping online is SOOOO much easier and makes me so much happier.

Did you know you can even buy groceries online?  Apparently, I'm a slow learner, but as long as I
eventually figure it out.  When I need to shop, I've always been one to shop at Goodwill or garage sales.  I hate paying full price for things and enjoy re-purposing things as much as possible.  I've also discovered my grand-daughter LOVES garage sales.  Let me tell you, that is some fun.

In the last month or so I discovered a website called thredUP.  This place sells used clothes at decent prices, not garage sale prices, but still decent prices.  AND, you can clean your closet out and sell your stuff there too.  While I enjoy going to garage sales, I really don't like having them.  It's a pretty cool site.  Check them out here if you get a chance.

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