Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Essential Oils

I've just recently REALLY discovered essential oils.  I mean, I've always known about them and used them occasionally.  But recently, I've discovered how good they REALLY are and have started using them daily.  I didn't realize how handy they are.

Since our grand-daughter was born our lifestyle has moved to a more and more organic and natural one, making most of our household products and using less and less store bought cleaning supplies and personal products.  The oils just fit in perfectly.

I began seeing Doterra Oils a lot.  What I first liked about them is they are delivered through the mail!!!  I love that I can have them delivered because I really hate shopping.  Then I found out how to get discounted oils.

Doterra allows you to pay a fee (kind of like Costco) and you get wholesale pricing.  Nothing minimum to buy, just buy what you use, if you want.  You can go on to sell them if you want, but it's not necessary.  From what I read there are a lot of people who are making a really good living.  I like the mixtures they sell, and their oils are first rate and I'm happy with that, so they are worth the fee.  And considering how much we use them that discount way out does the fee.  If I go on to sell some, that's a bonus.

As time goes on I'll learn more and more.  I'm so happy with what I've learned and experienced so far I can't wait to share.  It's the easiest "help yourself" I've ever run across.  Besides, they smell awesome, make the house smell great and I can even use them for perfume.  If you'd like to look it over yourself and read some great information on your own, you can visit here.

I hope you come back for more as I hope to post some more information on oils.  I hope others can get as much out of them as we have.  And I'd love to know what you've discovered about essential oils and their uses.  Leave me a note on how you use them.

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