Monday, September 30, 2013

The Benefits of Honey

I ran across this article today.  When I was a kid my dad used to use honey to sweeten everything.  We bought honey from a guy nicknamed "Honey Bee".  That was the only name I ever knew the guy by.  Once in a while dad would get the honey in the bees wax.  My brother and I thought that was so cool, cause we chewed the wax like gum and it was sweet.  Just like regular gum your jaws got tired and you spit it out in short order.  Mom used warm water, honey and apple cider vinegar as a type of sedative when I didn't feel good.  We also used it as a cough syrup.  I can tell you I'd rather eat a teaspoon of honey than some of the cough syrups out there.  I grew up loving honey as a sweetener and then found molasses.  (By the way, did you know if you mix a little bit of molasses with milk, it tastes like chocolate milk?).  Mom and dad didn't have sweets in the house and dessert was a special thing we had once a week or so.  Honey & toast was a nice sweet type of snack for us and adding peanut butter was even better.

Homemade Applesauce

I love applesauce and homemade sounds even better.  Here's a recipe I found in Off the Grid's website.  This sound FABULOUS!!!!  Will be trying it at soon as I find some apples:)  If you decide to give it a try, let me know what you think.

Homemade Applesauce in 6 Easy Steps

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Canning Chicken

I roasted a couple of chickens today.  Saved some in the fridge for lunch over the next few days.  The rest of it I put into the freezer.  I'll have to cook a couple every week or so, until I have enough to do some canning.  It sure is nice to have some cooked chicken for supper.  I don't get home from work until about 6:15-6:30.  I'll can up both pint and quart jars and use it for supper or for lunches later on.  The "other" fast food, I guess.  I need to do the same for other meats too.  I had some ground deer canned up, but have used almost all of it.  I've heard you can can fish, but not sure I'm ready for that.  I found a video for canning bacon too, that sounded pretty good.

So many things, so little time:-)

I screwed off most of the weekend.  Played with my grand-daughter yesterday till almost 7.  She goes to bed at 8:30 so I cut that one a bit close.  30 minutes to take her home and then she got to spend a few minutes with mom and dad before she went to bed....oops we were having fun.  Oh well, I don't think mom and dad minded too awfully much.  Tell me about playing with your grand-kids.  I'd love to hear.


My daughter-in-law became a citizen of the US Friday morning.  I had never been to a Naturalization Ceremony before.  I found it quite interesting.  There were 18? immigrants.  It was a pretty proud moment for this mum.  I am so totally AGAINST illegal immigrants, I find my blood pressure rising when it becomes a subject of conversation.  My blood pressure raises even further when someone tells me that I'm prejudice and just don't want people from other countries here.  I will cheer on anyone who follows the process, just like my daughter-in-law did.  She did all the paperwork, paid all the fees and put in her time.  She learned the language, works hard and pays taxes and I will cheer immigrants like her on 100 times a day.  But I will put up the tallest fence to keep illegal immigrants out.  Watching those people and their families, all excited and giving their oath to these United States made me very proud that they would want to become a part of us.  Congratulations to all of those who have taken that step.  There are so many immigrants that are waiting their turn in line to come here.  Illegal immigration is not fair to those who try to do things correctly.

To those legal immigrants, I appreciate you, the contribution you make and appreciate that you followed the rules/laws in becoming a part of this Country.  To all LEGAL immigrants, citizen or not, Welcome to this republic and I hope you make something big for yourselves and your families.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mashed Rutabagas and Potatoes

Has anybody eaten Rutabagas?  Do they taste like potatoes?  Here's why I ask.....looks good.

Mashed Rutabagas and Potatoes

3 pounds rutabagas, peeled and cut into 2-inch pieces
2 to 2 ½ pounds potatoes, peeled and cut into 2-inch pieces
2 tablespoons butter
2⁄3 cup milk
¼ teaspoon black pepper
¼ teaspoon nutmeg, or to taste
Salt to taste
2 teaspoons chopped parsley, optional
In separate saucepans, cook rutabagas and potatoes in salted water. When both are tender, remove from heat. Rutabagas will take about 30 minutes, and potatoes will take 20 to 25 minutes.
Drain; puree or mash rutabagas well, then mash potatoes. Stir mashed vegetables together.
Add butter, milk, pepper and nutmeg. Beat well. Taste and add salt if necessary. Garnish with chopped parsley. Yields 6 to 8 servings.
From Grit Magazine

Now that's a Chicken Coop

Somebody has an excess of money and time.


Recently, I been fixed on the fact that at this late stage in life I still haven't even touched on all the learning I want to do.  Funny thing is, I'm not terribly picky about what I want to learn, or maybe it's just that I want to learn so many things.  There's history, botany, building as in building a building, building as in putting things together like a a solar generator, the chemistry behind cooking, self improvement techniques, etc.  I wish there was a way to go back to my 20s and know, back then, what I've learned is important now.

There's so much I could have gotten out of knowing these things for so many more years if I would have started 20-30 years ago.  It's not that these things won't do me any good now.  I read as much as I can these days and all that does it show me more things I need/want to read/learn.  We need a "Do over" button.  I hate the fact that we have to learn, that we need to learn, so late in life:) 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cute Goats

Another Grit Cute.  They have so many:)
I want a couple of these or three or so.....


Have you ever heard of BookBub?  BookBub keeps track of the different sales from about 7 retailers for ebooks.  You choose which retailers you want to check and/or buy from, then choose specific categories that interest you and they will send you ebook specials from the retailers you chose.  Some of those retailers they work with are Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, just to name a few.  In some cases books will be at a 50% discount, some are only $.99 and in some cases the books are FREE.  Everyday you get an email from them that lists all of the books on "special" from the categories and the retailers you have chosen in your preferences.

A friend told me about BookBub a while back and I signed up.  Since, I've gotten nearly 100 books for free from my daily deals emails.  At any time you can make changes or add to your preferences or just shop from the website itself. 

I've also discovered books and authors I would have never known about before.  Which is cool, because I don't always go out looking for new authors.  When you click to buy a book, it will take you to your preferred retailer or will give you a choice of your retailers if more than one of your choices has the special going on.  So BookBub really doesn't sell the books, it just compiles a list of all the sales.  Which is really cool because there's no way I could keep track of all those free books.  I hope you get a chance to try it.  The deals you get are great and well worth the look.  Let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harvest Moon

Today was the full moon at a little after 4 am.  Isn't it beautiful?  It was beautiful in person too when I went out this morning.

An Inspirational Puppy

I love animals especially baby animals.  Here is a story about Mighty Mick.  This puppy is amazing.  He has something called Swimmer Puppy Syndrome.  I had never heard of this before.  Apparently it is general practice to euthanize puppies born with this.  But this lady with the Mia Foundation (which I had also never heard of) decided to give it a try when Mick was brought to her and see what she could do.  It's amazing to see him progress.  She uses a number of different therapies in concert with each other to help Mick and in the end he succeeds in, frankly, an amazing amount of time.  If you read this I hope you will pass it on.  Maybe the more attention the Mia Foundation gets, the more funding they can get to help more puppies like Mick and like the original Mia.  Mia was the founders Chihuahua.  She had a cleft palate.  I didn't know dogs got cleft palates either.  She spent $35,000 trying to help Mia, but in the end, it didn't work.  There's a picture of Mia on this page too.  What a CUTIE!!!  If ever there was a worthy cause, this is one of them.  For Dogs hold no grudges and they love unconditionally (most animals do) and they deserve all that is good.  I think I've said before I have six and they are all children to me.  They are probably the most spoiled pups you'd ever know.  Of the 6 we have 5 are rescues and we love them all dearly.  Enjoy the story and share it as much as possible:)   Have a great Day.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Slow Cooker Potato Soup

UPDATE:  I made this today (9/24/13).  I didn't peal the potatoes (my husband and I usually eat potato skins), I mashed the potatoes at the end, didn't add the bacon, but did get croutons with bacon.  I also used the onions I tried previously instead of using fresh onions.  That gave the onions a carmelly kind of taste.  Was VERY good.  I WILL do this one again.  Put it together in the morning and it really didn't take too long.  Well worth a try.  Let me know what you all think!!

Not feeling it today:)

For some reason, I'm just not feeling it today.  Just really not wanting to be here.  Me and my phone are not getting along and I've been messing with that all morning.  Sadly, the phone is winning.  I'll check out some pictures on the Milky way scientists facebook page and a couple of "Daily Cutes" on Grits facebook page and I'll smile again.  Won't make me want to be here anymore than I do, but I'll be here with a smile:)

I found a picture yesterday and I just think it's funny, I don't care who you are.  Made me laugh.  Hope it makes you laugh too.
My husband and I dreamed of winning the lottery this morning.  Before we went to work, we had the entire farmstead built complete with fences, garden boxes, garage, fireplace, new water well, the whole 9-yards.  Still had to work, but we were both okay with that.  Maybe I'll dream some more.  A few co-workers and I go in for $30-40 every now and again.  We bought some last night.  Maybe we'll get lucky.  I hope so, but won't hold my breath for it.  Wishing us all good luck!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It's another Daily Cute from Grit

This one is from a while back, but isn't he ADORABLE????  I Love puppies!!  Don't you just love that cute little face?

Monday, September 16, 2013

A story barely remembered - Harley Dabbs

I can't say for sure that I actually remember this story.  Sounds a bit familiar but not sure if it's actually this story or a different one.  After reading her story today I find her to be one of the bravest women I've ever read about.  Being a teenager and going through this had to be the hardest thing in the world.  I remember how hard it was just to be a teenager and I had nothing to compare to this.  I hope younger girls pay attention to this and learn that beauty comes from inside and not necessarily skin tone and body style.  It's all about attitude.  Although frankly even with the burn scars she's a very pretty girl.  Good luck to her in the future.  As for other younger girls, know that what shows on your body and your face is not always what everyone judges us on or what they actually see.  What's inside will color our vision of you as well.  Read about Harley Dabbs here.

Another great picture:)

I can think of this picture off and on all day and it will make me smile.  I hope it makes you smile too.  Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Audio Books

I discovered Audible Books about 4 years ago.  I joined Audible right off the bat and I get a free book every month.  I love 'em.  I drive about 35 - 40 min to work one way so it's the perfect time to listen to them.  I buy a few as well.  I generally have 3 books going at a time.  I really like reading too in addition to listening.  I'll have a hard book, an ebook and an audio book all going at the same time.  People ask if I get the story's mixed up, but it's never happened.  I wish I had more time to read, but I take it where I can get it. I've listed some of my favorites on this blog.  Not near enough room for all my favorites, but that's a start.  Anyone else like reading/listening to books?  Anyone else a member of Audible?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Solar Dehydrator

This is something I'd like to try.  It's a solar dehydrator.  I have an electric one that I use all the time, but in the summer it heats up the house and frankly it makes quite a bit of noise.  This would work great in the Kansas heat (most summers) and with our wind.  She's even got a plan for the ant problem.  She's got it all laid out nice and neat and gives you everything you need to do.  If you ever get to try it out let me know how it goes.

Check it out here.  Hope it works for you all.  Nothing like having dried home grown veggies to use later in the winter.

Isn't that just beautiful!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New to YouTube

I recently discovered there's a whole world of music on YouTube that you won't hear other places, like radio or TV.  I didn't realize there was so much music out there.  I've found violins, cellos, and other music types that are incredible.  Stuff that I like, but I really couldn't find anywhere, that I knew of before, anyway.  Did everybody know about this before me?   Recently I've started checking more things out and

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shampoo or not to shampoo

Back in March I was reading an article in Mother Earth Living about what shampoo & conditioner do to your hair/scalp.  The article talked about how shampoos & conditioners strip the natural ability of your body/head to produce the correct amounts of oil.  These products strip out the natural oils so the body creates more.  So, when you go a few days without washing your hair, your hair is extremely oily.  So I made a decision to stop using shampoo & conditioner.

Yeah, right, I got that from a lot of people.:)

I started using baking soda instead.  For a conditioner I would use water with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of essential oils (whatever smelled good to me that morning).  For the first few weeks I had to use the

Look what I found first thing this morning....YUM!!

Apple Fritters Recipe
Make fruit fritters in no time with this simple recipe.
CAPPER’s Recipe Archives
October 15, 2012