Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Drive to Work

My drive to work is generally 35-40 min long, 25 miles one way, about 7 miles of that being city miles.  The first 7 miles is on a little 2-lane paved road to the 4-lane highway into the city.  As I'm driving into work this morning about 3 miles from home, there's a thin and wispy fog above the road, looking like I'm just below the surface of water, rippled like someone dropped a pebble on a pond and I was looking up from underneath the surface.  Was very cool to look at, not something you see very often, nothing I've seen anyway.

I also pass a nursery on the highway before I get into the city.  They have a lot full of trees as well as all the landscaping plants.  Today I see they have strategically placed a number of trees in different spots all around their entire lot, out front along the front of their fence and among the landscaping plants, whose leaves have turned a brilliant shade of red.  They were beautiful, looking as if the trees were on fire and the red leaves were the flames.

These are the kinds of things which make driving to work not such a bad thing, things that will make you not think so much of the day to come, but help to make you see the day in a positive way and enjoy the morning regardless of what's coming.  This morning I was lucky enough for 2 of these experiences, I try to find at lest one every morning, something to make me smile, something to feel good about, something to set the tone of the day.

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