Thursday, October 24, 2013

Today's Smile

My major smile didn't come to me until I got home from work tonight.  Not that I didn't find my morning smile, a beautiful golden glow from the morning sun on the trees and across the pastures along with watching the birds catching bugs in the morning sky.  It really doesn't take too much to make me smile especially where nature is concerned.

When I got home tonight, like most nights, my girls are waiting for me at the door, usually making all kinds of noise.  Cally has a "woo woo" kind of bark that just makes you smile when you hear it.  My husband said he fed them early because they wouldn't leave him alone while he was cooking some stuff for his lunches.  So we went ahead and went outside, I was hoping they would do their thing,
you know.  They run down the driveway all the way to the gate at the road looking for the horses across the street.  They hate those horses for some reason.  They will stand there and bark themselves crazy.  It's funny to watch the horses, watch the girls, like they're nuts.

By one of the fences in our yard is a stand of bamboo.  It's gotten big enough and the season has gone far enough there are plumes at the top of the bamboo plants, that are very pretty actually.  As we're standing there Kimber began to bark, like she found a critter, she's jumping at whatever it is and then jumping back.  I thought she had a bug of some kind.  As I walk up to her, she's looking at me and then back at what she's got, almost as if she doesn't want to take her eyes off of whatever it is.

As I approach Kimber, searching the ground in front of her, I find what's got her attention, a plume off the top of one of the bamboo plants.  Now I'm laughing, I just can't help myself and Kimber is looking at me and still barking at that dangerous plume.  I kind of moved it and she jumps back like it will get her, then I pick it up and she grabs it out of my hand and begins to shake it like she was going to kill it.  At that point, Cally gets her nerve up and grabs it from Kimber and they rip it into and kill the plume, so it will never hurt anyone again.

These girls never cease to make me smile,.every morning as they cuddle with me when it's time to get up to all of their various antics in the evening before going to bed.  We just don't know what we would do without these girls.  They were strays my husband found in the middle of the road in the city, but it feels as though they have been with us for many years.  They have implanted themselves firmly in our hearts.

Do you have a pet that makes you smile every time you see them?  I'd love to hear about him/her, maybe even see a picture.  Let me know.

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