Monday, May 4, 2015

Do you really want that cookie?

Yeah, I do.  I LOVE sweets, always have and always will.  In my family, homemade ice was a food group, not just a dessert.  After growing up with homemade ice cream, homemade cookies and cakes I figured out I have to find a way to curb the impulse to eat every sweet I see.  After years of the yo-yo weight gain/loss and attempts at many different methods to avoid the sweets, I found a few things that helped me.  
They don’t always work, but these days about 90% of the time they do and I’m able to walk away.

1.    Go do something else for about a half hour.  I’ll go for a walk, go fold some clothes, run the vacuum, or play with the dog.  Sometimes I even forget about it or decide it can wait till later.  I tell myself I’ll have one after I have lunch/supper.   When I can do that, not only will it taste better, but I feel better about myself too.  Can’t beat that.

2.    Try substituting with a glass of water, a cup of tea and/or maybe a veggie or a piece of fruit or some other low calorie alternative.  If I’m really hungry this will get me by.  If that doesn’t sound good then I know I just want something to munch on.  If I can’t get past, it I’ll go ahead and drink something and eat a healthy snack.  Then I’ll feel pretty good that I resisted again.

3.    Look at myself in the mirror.  I’m not a real big person, but I’ve never been that “ideal” body type either.  I’ve always had a belly (especially after having my son) and if I was thin it was because I worked my butt off for it.  Point is, impulse eating has always been one of my worst enemies.  I’ve learned to think twice before taking that bite and most of the time I’ll win the battle.

As I use these methods, I’ve found it gets easier and easier to walk away.  But, I’ve learned not to deprive myself either, just try to leave sweets as a “dessert” and not just a snack food.   I generally eat three meals and two snacks a day, so I’m really good about not being hungry and most of the time can talk myself out of something sweet.  BUT, there are times when I just can’t do it.  So, rather than say no, I’ll take a smaller piece, cut it in half or thirds but still get my bite.  That way I don’t feel deprived, but I still got my taste.

I hope something here will help you too.  How do you say no?  I’d really like to more ideas I can use too.

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