Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Colors

I'm not real partial to the cold weather, specifically I hate being cold as the cold causes me pain these days, but after seeing the trees in this last week, I'm enjoying the change.  (I guess I'll have to wear another layer of clothes this winter).  In Kansas it's highly unusual that the trees even still have leaves at this time of year. Generally it gets cold, the leaves turn and in a day or so the wind blows so hard the trees lose their leaves.  So really we usually only have fall colored leaves for about 1-2 days.  This year, it's been different.

These are the leaves on the trees in our yard, the yellow one being a Mother's Day present from my son about 20 years ago and the red one being a gift from my mother also about 20 years ago, although the red one had a tough start and is a smaller tree to begin with,
being what's called a Smoke Tree.  I only have a few pretty ones, mostly what we have are hedge that aren't real colorful.  They do look much prettier when the sun is shining especially in the morning, but I had to leave the house before the sun came up that far.  So, when I am able in the next day or so to catch these trees in the sun I will retake these and post new pictures because they really are much prettier than these pictures show.

I work on the 16th floor and have been looking over the city, noting there isn't a lot of red in our landscape, mostly dull yellows and oranges.  As I look down closer to our building I note a number of red fall colored trees, and they're short, I'm thinking you just can't see most of them from my vantage point throughout the city.  Now as I'm driving home from work, I find myself unconsciously looking for more and more tree color in the city.  I don't see as much as I would think or like which is a shame, as the deep, bright and rich reds, yellows and oranges add such depth to the fall colors, they are so bold, bright, so pretty.  We have yellows and oranges, but they just aren't the striking colors you can see in some trees.

However, in the mornings, when the sun comes up, the colors we do have seem bright, like they are alight, maybe even glowing and while on I'm on my way to work, that is what I would call a morning "Smile", making the morning worth the day ahead.

Tell me what you see, what you like in the fall when the trees begin to change.  What are the colors like in your area?  Drop a picture if you like and share.

Enjoy the colors while you can.

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